Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Important is Your Health?

How important is your health is the question?. My health becomes more significant everyday. Since being retired, I picked up a couple of pounds. Doesn't look good or feel good.  I started looking for ways to lose a couple of pounds. So I started back walking. That was good but not enough.
 I said to myself" I need a supplement to help curve my appetite", so I joined  became a preferred customer and implemented my plan by first taking Aerobia which was in liquid form but now is in a capsule form( cheaper to make) which oxygenates the cells. Aerobia consists of CoQ10 &b-12 and Aloe Vera . After taking Aerobia for month, I felt increased energy and my body felt revived.  So I decided to try the featured product called Fulvia- An Anti-Aging formula that comes in capsules. Consist of 60% Fulvic Acid plus Reserveratol. The benefits of taking Fulvia is it re-balances your system to produce a healthier body. I am taking this daily. It is great.
 I recently added the colon cleanse to my routine called Neurta-Cleanse. Works gently on the digestive system. I take two capsules a day along with 16 oz of water. Since taking the Joy to Live products, I have personally seen an improvement in my overall health.
 So far, I  lost about 2 inches off my waist and counting. Take the 8 Day Challenge with me. Buy in bulk. You will need the Fulvia, Neutra-Colon and Optimum- Weight Loss Capsule. I am personally aiming to lose 5 lbs or more. I need to get into a size 10 dress by the end of July. I will keep you posted.
 You can take the challenge for 8 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days whatever your personal goal is. Try it! You only have weight to lose. Go to my website Click join to get the preferred price along with a free website. Try it! Leave your comments about your experience on facebook- group called Find Your Joy with Joy to Live
  Transforming You makes your children notice you. You can be the person that motivates them to get off the couch and do something positive for themselves- Exercise and change their eating habits

 Get Fit and healthy with Joy to Live Products

Vanzide Darden