Friday, July 19, 2013

Hit and Run- Help Find Hitter

Good morning to All:

I am always amazed at what people do without any regrets or remorse. I received a text early this morning about a Hit and Run. I hope this never happens to you.  Share this story so we can find the hitter of this accident.
Wow, I am mad. I am really concerned that a person would leave a scene without checking to see if anyone was hurt. They knew that they hit the house This happened this morning around 1:50 on July 19, 2013 in Burlington, North Carolina 27217 area off of Union Ridge Road.
Someone hit my friend's house and left the scene. This is an outrage, just pure outrage, I tell you. The thing is the person was drunk. Had the nerve to tell the other person" let's get out of here."  How could someone hit some one's house and leave the scene without any regards to whether the person was hurt. Clearly, this person didn't care. Now, there is clear evidence that this crime took place. A neighbor a half a mile away heard the crash. There is damage to the house. Thank God my friend and his dog are safe; but left to repair the damages. Anyone knowing anything about this accident;call the police in Burlington, NC. This accident happened on Union Ridge Road around 1:50 am on July 19, 2013.
To the person that cause this accident please come forth. My friend needs to get the house repair along with the yard. Do the right thing. You cause another person hardship and damaged their home. I am praying that you come forth and turn yourself in to the police. After all it was an accident, you should have stay instead of running. Acknowledge your mistake and make this right.

Asking for Help,
Vanzide Darden